Paris 8,

Residential, Shops

12 Colisee

12 Colisee

12 Colisee

12 Colisee
A mixed residential and retail project in which the Group played its role of asset manager to perfection, thanks to a complete redefinition of the asset's legal and technical framework.
  • Location

    Paris 8

  • Year


  • Secteur

    Residential & Shops

  • Mission

    Investor & Asset Manager

  • Status


Residential and commercial property upgrades over several years to significantly increase rents.
"Thanks to our experience with leases, we were able to show another facet of the asset manager's role in rolling out our value enhancement strategy."
Isabelle Sanchez-Turon
Business Development Director
  • Surface 1 500 m²
  • Floors 6
  • Apartments 20